If the convenience & savings of the Sunshine Club Membership are not exactly your cup of tea, we offer 30-day packages!  Cash down, no need to worry about monthly payments,= & cancellations.  Packages begin on date of purchase and end exactly 30 calendar days later.

Level 1 Package

$59.95Building that base tan!
Our Level 1 options pair lower-intensity lamps with higher concentration of UVB to create ideal conditions for melanin production.

Compared to $29.95 for the Sunshine Club

Level 2 Package

$69.95Take your color further!
The level 2 sunbeds add a facial tanner and increased UVA output during your session, creating a more seductive, longer lasting cinnamon-bronze result.

Compared to $39.95 for the Sunshine Club

Level 3 Package

$84.95No more monkey-butt tan!
If your goal is to say goodbye to pressure spots and achieve full-body color development, then these level 3 stand-ups have your name written all over them!

Compared to $49.95 for the Sunshine Club

Don't miss out on the savings!

There’s so much you’re missing by going with the 30-day packages… consider joining the Sunshine Club Membership instead!  It’s easy-as-pie and twice as delicious!

See the difference!

Level 4

$102.95Mega sized beds for amazing color!
Bigger beds mean more bulbs, and more bulbs deliver faster color!  If you want some extra room to spread out and relax, your search starts here!

Compared to $59.95 for the Sunshine Club

Level 5 Package

$119.95Break down the boundaries!
Available exclusively at our Rush Tan Salon, the Convertible sunbed, from KBL America, its 48 high powered tubes will take you well beyond your tanning plateau!

Compared to $69.95 for the Sunshine Club

Level 6 Package

$154.95When only the best will do!
Experience the latest high-pressure tanning technology with our level 6 line-up.  See real results in 3 sessions or less, then use once a week to maintain color!

Compared to $79.95 for the Sunshine Club

Have more questions about the 30 Day Packages?

Then Call Us or shoot an e-mail (whichever is easier for you!)  We’d love to hear from you!


Mystic Tan Package

$94.95The color of confidence!
Experts in Sunless tanning for over 15 years, Mystic Tan has earned its reputation as a highly trusted and well-loved brand!  Available at our Vine Street salon.

Compared to $49.95 for the Sunshine Club

Versa Spa Package

$129.95Discover a whole new you!
Available at our Rush Tan, and Neil Street salons, your Versa Spa session will include all 3 steps (prep + bronze + moisturize) at no extra cost!

Compared to $79.95 for the Sunshine Club

All-In-One Package

$188.95The Royal Treatment!
Our opinion?  You deserve nothing short of the very best!  That’s why we have the all-in-one package!  Every piece of equipment – every location – one price.  WOW!

Compared to $99.95 for the Sunshine Club