When Designer Skin first introduced it’s now world-famous bronzer called “Black”, it changed the tanning industry forever, and, many would argue, crowned a new Queen of tanning lotion!

Designer Skin has more than made a name for themselves, and they certainly don’t mess around, either – they feature a full line up of Skincare products like facial lotions and tan-extending moisturizers … they even have this amazing shave butter that I can’t get enough of!

One of the most attractive features of the trademark Designer Skin bottle is the SIZE.  You get a LOT of lotion for your buck – 13.5 ounces!  For most tanners, you’d be looking at 27-30 sessions .. that’s incredible!  But I wanted to focus on some of my most recent favorites:

Miss Designer:  When this first came in, we all immediately loved the smell and couldn’t believe how dark the lotion its self was.  We knew it’d be a hit, but never did we think we’d go through an entire case in the first week!  Miss Designer is dark… I mean really dark.  The color you get from just one single session is literally unheard of!  If you’re someone, like me, who believes only the best will do, then come in and see for yourself why this one jumped to the very top of my list!

Pumped:  If bronzers aren’t your thing, Pumped has everything you’re looking for!  Natural color, lots of moisturizers, and a very pleasant, non-invasive scent.  It has this stuff called Angelica Root that is activated by exposure to UV light.  It not only speeds up the darkening process, but it soothes & calms skin at the same time.  Freaking.  Awesome.

Ruby:  Tingles are for seriously advanced tanners only!  And of the many tingles available, none of them hold a candle to Ruby!  When I first got into tanning, I was having one hell of a time getting my legs to tan.  A friend of mine recommended I use her “Ruby”, and I couldn’t believe how quickly it brought out my color – literally hours later I had more color than the last couple of sessions combined!

New tanners, or tanners with sensitive skin, are not encouraged to try Tingle lotions.  There is an active ingredient called Benzyl Nicotinate.  This magical ingredient is responsible for the amazing, quick color, but can feel quite uncomfortable to some people.