Sunbed tanning isn’t just about beautiful, bronze color!  It’s also about taking great care of your beautiful skin.  Salon Quality lotions not only enhance your body’s tanning capabilities, but also provide extra care to your skin via moisturizers & conditioners.

We only offer the best!

Every product we carry must first pass a strict quality assurance test that rates the value of the bottle based on our 18+ years of experience in the industry.   We have a lotion to suit any need!  Your Salon Specialist will be able to help you choose the right lotion for you, but here’s an overview to get you started.

  • Bronzers

    Bronzers are the heavy-weight favorite option of the indoor tanning lotion world because they offer the quickest results!  Bronzers help you look dark faster, while you work on building your natural color.  Generally speaking, they are available in 2 different types:

    • Cosmetic / Natural Bronzers:  Instant color that washes away in the shower.  Great for use right before a big event.
    • DHA Bronzer:  Color that reveals its self over a few hours time and can stay with you for days!

    Several of our high-end bronzers actually feature both – meaning you’re getting a mega-dose of 3 different kinds of color (cosmetic, DHA, and your own natural color underneath!)

  • Accelerators

    Also called Intensifiers, Accelerators are non-bronzer type lotions that feature ingredients that help your body achieve your own, natural color, faster!

    Accelerators feature increased hydration & skincare for perfectly bronzed results.

  • Tingles

    Experienced tanners only!  Tingle products use active ingredients to increase micro-circulation in the skin, increasing oxygenation and trigger faster melanin production.

    Varying degrees of tingle (called T-factor) let you know when your skin is ready to tan.

    Tingle lotions are not recommended to new tanners, or tanners with sensitive skin.

  • Facial / Leg Lotions

    • Different parts of our bodies tan differently from the rest!  Add some sizzle to your legs with lotions featuring shave-minimizers and skin firming ingredients.
    • Or, try a facial lotion!  Specifically formulated to treat your sensitive facial tissue with the TLC that it deserves!
  • Extending Moisturizers

    Nutrient-rich tanning products to replace your every-day moisturizer!  Best when used after a bath or shower, these tan extending moisturizers will replenish your body with the essentials needed for amazing color!

    Additionally, with regular use, your tan extending moisturizer will help you hold onto your color longer, with fewer sessions, meaning fewer trips to the salon every week!

You get what you pay for!

Big-box-store brands have become notrious for using bottom-of-the-barrel ingredients with lots of filler, to give you a big bottle of what equates to industrial sludge!  They’ll add a cutesy name with a flowery fragrance to cover it up… but if you spent less on your bottle than you did for breakfast this morning, you might reconsider what, exactly, you’re putting on your precious skin!

What’s worse?  When you buy online, you are not buying the real stuff if features the logo of one of the four major brand names: California Tan, Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, or Designer Skin

The reason you are finding bottles that look like what we carry in the salons range from counterfeit to theft, but all equate to what is called Product Diversion, which, according to Designer Skin:

Diverted products are many times counterfeit, contaminated, old or expired products that may not be safe to use. We are committed to protecting the safety of our consumers.

Designer Skin diversion policy

So the next time you’re considering buying that bottle online, you really should ask yourself “is this lotion safe?”  Is it counterfeit?  Is it contaminated or stolen?  If you don’t think it is, then ask yourself how the seller can possibly profit by selling it to you at a cost cheaper than the manufacturer’s salon cost.

But don’t take our word for it.  Listen to what New Sunshine, the manufacturer of the four brands listed above, has to say:

In the past, our customer service department has reported situations in which our bottles have been filled with generic brands of lotion, then sold online as authentic products

Scott Matthews, General Counsel @ New Sunshine

So, really… why buy contaminated, counterfeit, or flat out stolen product?   Just because cost may be a concern doesn’t mean you have to go “cheap”!  Classic Tan has options to fit any budget, starting at around $2.00 per session!  If you want to get the best bang for your buck, make sure you sign up for our free text & email clubs!  Exclusive deals on lotion, tanning, and more, delivered right to you, monthly!  (See our specials page for more information)