Great results in hours – not days!  With a Versa Spa, or Mystic Tan, session from Classic & Rush Tan, you’ll be turning heads tonight with a single session today.  And no – as long as you follow recommended guidelines for sunless tanning – you will not turn orange!  Please note:  A sunless tan is strictly cosmetic.  Spray tanning does not provide protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my skin turn orange?

    No. The advanced technology currently used in sunless tanning solutions is designed to ensure a natural, bronze tan. The salon staffer can help you select the proper level of tanning solution to best match your skin tone.

  • How should I prepare for my sunless session?

    Exfoliate and shave the day before or the day of the sunless spray tanning session (day before is preferred).

    The day of the Sunless spray tanning session refrain from using moisturizers, perfumes, lotions, oils or deodorants that may create a barrier between the skin and the Sunless tanning solution. You may resume using these after your first shower or bath.

  • How long should I wait after my session to shower?

    To give the DHA enough time to fully set, it is recommended to wait a minimum of 4 hours after a sunless spray tanning session or 8 hours for optimal results. Showering sooner may diminish the intensity of the tan. If you tan using an Instant Cosmetic Bronzer, the Instant Cosmetic Color will wash off in the shower, but the color produced by the DHA will remain.

  • Will swimming affect my tan?

    Swimming in chlorinated water or salt water can fade the Sunless Spray Tanning results, cause possible streaking and will diminish the length of your tan. However, normal activities such as bathing, showering or physical activities will not affect the quality of the tan.

  • Does Sunless Spray Tanning Solution have any smell after contact with my skin?

    VersaSpa sunless spray tanning solution use a breakthrough odor control technology designed to virtually eliminate the odor that may be present when the solution interacts with the skin.

  • Will the bronzing formula stain my clothing?

    No, the sunless spray tanning solution which includes a cosmetic bronzer is water soluble and will be removed after the next wash in cold water. However, in some instances, the DHA in the tanning solution may permanently stain undergarments worn during the spray session.

  • How long does Sunless Spray Tanning last?

    A Sunless Spray Tan can last up to 7 days depending on the darkness level you choose and the condition of your skin.